Smart Irrigation System

WaterBee is a complete, resilient, cost-effective Smart Irrigation and Water Management system, that empowers growers, vineyards, golf clubs, public authorities and landscape managers to optimise their commercial and sustainable environmental operations.

The web sensor networked irrigation system is centrally monitored and coordinated, and the WaterBee services are provided across Europe through collaborating Business Partners, who work closely with their local customers. The WaterBee system provides a range of advantages to meet current growers needs:

          • Greater control over your irrigation needs and earn more profit per acre through the efficient use of water and other inputs
          • Accurate and complete information on crop and field conditions
          • Easy-to-use Smartphone and Web Apps to support crop irrigation decisions with real-time data
          • Full service, with no worries about software support or equipment maintenance
          • Lower operating costs, great yields and higher quality crops

WaterBee intelligent irrigation modelling and scheduling system goes well beyond the state-of-art, with its unique Soil-Moisture Model for optimal water use, continuously self-adapting to each user’s situation and business objectives, using machine learning approaches, and its open web-enabled architecture facilitates

future integration with all environmental data in line with the European INSPIRE Directive. This enables you not only to optimise the use of water by irrigating only where and when it is needed, but also enhancing plant growth and quality.

The system has been installed and is in use at 14 reference sites across Europe in Estonia, Malta, Italy, Spain, Sweden & the UK.