The WaterBee DA project runs for 24 months from July 2011 to June 1013.

The project aims to achieve the following 5 Milestones:

MS1 – WaterBee Service Specification                                          December 2011
MS2 – Scaled-up Operational WaterBee System                           February 2012
MS3 – WaterBee operational at all Demo Sites.                             May 2012
MS4 – WaterBee Final Dissemination Event                                   February 2013
MS5 – Validated Demonstration Actions & Business Plan              June 2013

The workplan to achieve these consists of the following 6 Workpackages

1–Smart Irrigation Systems Market Analysis

  • To define the WaterBee market and produce the WaterBee Service Specification (MS1)
  • Ran from July to December 2011


2–WaterBee Prototype Productisation for Demonstration

  • To produce a reliable and scaled-up Operational WaterBee System (MS2)
  • Ran from July 2011 to February 2012


3–Demonstration Pilots & Evaluation

  • To install WaterBee systems at all Demonstration  Sites (MS3), and evaluate their operation.
  • Runs the full duration of the project


4–Business & Commercialisation Plans from Demonstration

  • To develop the WaterBee business commercialisation plan (MS5)
  • Runs the full duration of the project


5–Dissemination of WaterBee Service Demonstration

  • To disseminate the service widely and undertake 2 major dissemination events (MS4)
  • Runs the full duration of the project


6–Project Management & Coordination

  • To have an efficient and effective project that meets all of its objectives.
  • Runs the full duration of the project